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Welcome to Therapeutic Designs, Inc.  It is my intent that you will receive an individualized treatment plan and healing experience.  One that will address your issues and concerns in way that you are comfortable with.  I am sensitive to the difficult nature the issues you face and hope that you will experience that sensitivity from the first contact. 

My practice is directed at helping you and your family discover a truly fulfilling life.  I believe that you possess the necessary strength and insight to create lasting and meaningful change and that together we can make that happen.

I use integrated therapeutic strategies, especially aimed at helping you manage your symptoms and repetitive negative cycles.  We will work together to navigate challenges, and barriers that impact our access to a more complete and full life.  Watching and sharing in your growth and life's fulfillment is my passion.

I am deeply committed to the therapeutic, collaborative relationship.  I welcome all questions, concerns, and feedback in your upcoming sessions.

I look forward to working with you.

Ann Taylor
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Phone 209-895-3329
Carnegie Building,            Lower Level                            355 West Las Palmas Ave          Patterson, Ca 95363
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